About company
About company
IQ Tools Company specializes in the development, production and distribution of educational and laboratory equipment for engineering and technical disciplines.
More than 80 educational projects have been implemented by our Company throughout Russia in the past 10 years. University science and research laboratories, college workshops, and fundamental rooms for schools and further education establishments have been produced.

In 2015, a separate cluster of experimental development was formed which led to the development of our own product line.
A series of educational kits for future engineers and technical specialists were developed bringing together years of experience, scientific potential, and modern technology.

Our catalogue includes educational kits in analog and digital electronics, microprocessor equipment, radio-electronics, unconventional energy, the Internet of Things, Smart Grids technology, and robotics.

Our aspiration is to make the educational process interesting, captivating and target-oriented!

Facts and figures
For 10
years we have helped to educate students
school-aged children are using our kits every year
kits have been created and distributed by IQ Tools Company
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