Radio electronics
Laboratory kit
Radio electronics

This kit gives children the ability to work on radio electronics hands-on experiments as a part of a supplementary education program.

This kit is designed as a modular platform and can help you teach introductory analog communications and signals transmission topics in engineering curricula.

Simple layout of an electric circuit built on interchangeable modules is easy to understand both for students and teachers.

Each topic included in the curriculum has a theoretical part and detailed instructions for the experiment.

Measurements and control functions are implemented using a dedicated data acquisition system. The software is developed in NI LabVIEW graphical programming environment. It’s intuitive and user-friendly interface is designed for easy adoption and optimization of teaching process.

  • Laboratory kit modular design
  • Reliably protected electric circuit, modules, and kit elements
  • Theoretical materials to each topic
  • Hands-on experiments step-by-step guide
  • User-friendly interface
  • Graphical and digital representation of results
  • Virtual Instruments (Oscilloscope, Dynamic signal analyzer, Function Generator, Digital signal generator, Logic Analyzer, Digital Multimeter)
Set equipment
Name Quantity
Main modules
Main Board (modules platform)2 pcs.
Receiving antenna module1 pc.
Transmitting antenna module1 pc.
Analog FM receiver module1 pc.
Analog FM transmitter module1 pc.
Digital AM receiver module1 pc.
Digital AM transmitter module1 pc.
Loudspeaker module1 pc.
Microphone module1 pc.
Auxiliary elements
Set of safe connecting wires1 pc.
Power supplay1 pc.
Practical experiments
  1. Transmission Theory
  2. Amplitude shift keyed (ASK) modulation and demodulation
  3. Frequency shift keyed (FSK) modulation and demodulation
  4. Frequency modulation (FM) modulation and demodulation
  5. Signal receipt and transmission
  6. Sound signal receipt and transmission using frequency modulation

Hands-on materials and instruction are supplied on a CD.

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